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Social media has an enormous potential to help increase your revenue and boost your brand’s exposure and awareness. Before, there were even businesses who have had returns of 100 or 1000 percent. Even now, a lot of marketers will tell you that it is one of the highest-ROI online marketing strategies available. One of the reasons is because of the nonexistent barriers to entry and the low costs.

But recently social marketing has become commercially-saturated and more competitive. Organic reach is slowly declining, and this means that there might be hard truths that you have to accept about social media marketing.

Not all marketers have a positive ROI

In almost every instance, it can be said that everyone will have a positive ROI. This is even though there is around 77 percent of marketers using at least one social media channel in marketing their businesses. Only about 48 percent of companies see that there’s an ROI. There are a lot of reasons for this discrepancy which we will discuss in the following points.

It will take you significant effort and time to be quite successful

Social media isn’t something that’s you can expect to increase your conversions and revenue once you turn it one. It will take you a lot of effort and time to build a successful presence. You have to understand your market, have to be consistent and time your posts. 

Social media ROI often depends on other marketing channels

Today, there are hundreds of social media channels, and in many cases, your social media campaign will rely on the strength of your efforts. Sometimes it will also depend on whether or not you already have an existing audience or how big you spent on your marketing efforts.

Explosive growth requires some luck

Often, a single one viral content can turn you into a professional in just a matter of minutes or hours. However, there’s still not one specific recipe in getting your piece viral. Luck plays a significant role in getting you there. The reason for one viral content may be because of the time of posting, or the right person happened to see it. 

Some industries are more suited for social media marketing compared to others

Any company has the possibility of having a positive ROI with the use of social media marketing.  However, there are some industries which have it easier. This includes those industries that have exciting content topics, strong visuals or have a demographic that uses social media heavily. 

These are just some of the hard truths when it comes to social media marketing; however, it shouldn’t discourage you from pursuing a campaign. Despite all this, it still true that social media is one of the most cost-efficient and best marketing strategies out there. 

However, if you are planning on pursuing social media marketing and want to be successful, you have to set realistic expectations. Understand the potential and nature of this strategy before you go and jump in. It can mean a whole difference to the success of your campaign. 

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