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You’ve finally set-up a small office area in your house to start your freelance journey. Moreover, your carefully written portfolio is now waiting to be sent to potential clients.

Being a freelancer can be tough at first, as you have to build your portfolio and prove that you have the right skills for the job. Once you gain progress through experience and additional skills, you’d be able to find and acquire potential jobs around you easily.

Many individuals have discovered the advantages of professional freelancing. And as the number population of digital nomads increases, the number of sites to search for freelancing jobs has increased as well.

Here is an extensive list of websites to visit to get freelance jobs online as well as sites to help you with your freelance journey.

  1. OnlineJobs PH – For over thousands of online jobs involving English, Marketing and Sales, Graphics Multimedia, Writing and more, Onlinejobsph take pride in making sure each job is salaried – no to commission-based jobs!
  2. Upwork – Upwork provides a variety of jobs, divided into many categories which can either be short-term tasks, recurring projects, and full-time contract work. With over 1.5 million clients, Upwork would most likely have a job for you.
  3. Women Who Code – With their mission to inspire woman to excel in technology careers, Women Who Code helps you step up with your tech career while providing the best remote jobs from top organizations.
  4. Workana – Workana offers thousands of jobs involving IT & Programming, Design, Writing, Sales, and the like. You’d either be paid for a fixed-price project or by the hour, depending on the job itself.
  5. Workhoppers – You’d be able to work with top companies in your own city while still having flexible working hours. Workhoppers have a precise matching algorithm based on your skills to lessen time digging while having no middleman.
  6. Torre Remote – Torre’s goal is to make work fulfilling for everyone. You’d be able to get precisely matched with full-time or part-time job opportunities based on your skills. Their unique UI is pleasing to the eye too.
  7. Awesome Remote Job – This link provides an extremely helpful list of remote jobs and resources ranging from articles, videos, books, interview guides, podcasts to help you on your freelancing career.
  8. Dynamite Jobs – They provide the best remote jobs – where many of the positions are not even posted anywhere else on the web. They’ll help you find your next remote career based on your skills and what job you’re looking for, provide you job recommendations, and recommend you to hiring managers who are in need of people like you.
  9. CodementorX – CodementorX houses world-class developers. You will be able to choose from having a contractor position or have large freelance projects for the long-term. They carefully screen both clients and freelancers, making sure you’d be able to work with the best.
  10. RemoteLeaf – RemoteLeaf assists you in looking for the best freelancing jobs by precisely choosing from hundreds of job boards and delivering straight to your inbox.
  11. Key Values – built for engineers/web developers who would want to be able to work remotely and still be part of a team that has the same values as they do. Just choose what value is most important for you, and a list of companies that promotes the same values will be provided.
  12. Thumbtack – Thumbtack is mostly a place to find local professionals for pretty much a variety of jobs: from home improvement, taking care of pets, as well as providing services during events. They also have a category for remote services, so it’s worth to check it out for any job openings.
  13. TopCoder – A community of about 1 million software engineers and web developers, TopCoder offers competitive challenges on design, development, and data science and provides generous prizes for winners.
  14. WhoIsHiringMe – WhoIsHiringMe a simple subscribable search machine for Hacker News monthly “Who Is Hiring” posts. It mostly offers developer, designer, and sales positions. Just fill up the few needed information, add your e-mail address and subscribe.
  15. TextBroker – Textbroker provides a large number of projects to transform your writing skills into money. It has a wide variety of clients ranging from small business owners to high-earning corporations and publishing houses.
  16. MoonLight – A freelance job site for developers, MoonLight provides short-term projects and long-term jobs from different tech companies. To be able to be part of the community, you must have at least 2 years of experience with professional experience.
  17. Creative Circle – Being part of the creative circle community offers you the same benefits of working as a regular office employee, but less the hassle. They will be taking care of your paperwork while you focus on the project on hand and receive weekly payments, medical insurance, and as well as a retirement plan.
  18. VitaminTalent – VitaminTalent offers jobs for digital creatives, software engineers, and writers. Some most well-sought positions are Creative Directors, Front End Developers, Visual Designers, Copywriters, Digital Marketing Managers, Product and Project Managers, etc
  19. Remote Jobs Club – They assist you in finding your dream freelance job by sending you an e-mail of your most recommended jobs based on your preferences weekly.
  20. Remote Machine Learning Jobs – If you have a passion for Machine Learning, Data Science, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, it’s best to check this site! It’s a new site that has been continuously growing since it started, so there’s less competition with more job offers to choose from.
  21. VIPKid – VIPKid provides an opportunity in bringing your teaching career online. You will be teaching students all across China while being able to pick your own hours and earn as much as $22/hour.
  22. CryptoJobsList – If you have the skill regarding cryptocurrency and/or interested in having blockchain jobs, this site is right for you! Some positions include Blockchain engineers, Solidity devs, crypto, and DLT experts.
  23. Remoteted – Remoteted is a remote jobs aggregator, collecting jobs from over 10 websites, making it easier for you to check open remote positions for Development, Design, Marketing, and Customer Support
  24. 99Designs – Are you one who is skilled and has a passion for art? 99Design is a global creative platform that offers jobs such as designing logos, websites, and even tattoos.
  25. AngelList – AngelList provides the best startup jobs across the internet. They offer full-time, contractual, internships, and even jobs that will sponsor for your visa.
  26. Authentic Jobs – A leading job board for designers, hackers, and creative pros, Authentic Jobs has worked with a handful of big companies like Facebook and Apple and takes pride in providing top-notch service to both freelancer and employer.
  27. Stack Overflow – They provide high-quality jobs for developers in trusted companies. You’d be able to work anywhere and also has remote and visa sponsorship options.
  28. Codeable – Think you have the WordPress Development skill that would be able to surpass different developers from all other countries? Go and give Codeable a try! With about 450 world-class developers, It is the only WordPress exclusive freelancer platform and offers numerous projects of any size.
  29. Dribbble Jobs – Mainly created for designers, they aim to build the world’s best community where the creatives will be able to grow, be inspired, and get hired.
  30. FlexJobs – FlexJobs has been continuously providing the best remote and flexible jobs, either part-time to full-time, entry-level to executive, in 50+ different categories. With 10+ years of providing this service, they’ve also added one-on-one career coaching, resume review, expert skills tests, and more to help you find and get your dream job.
  31. Freelancer – By being a part of their community, you will be able to receive job recommendations based on your preferred skill set and preferred field of work such as software development, writing, data entry and design, sales and marketing, accounting and legal services.
  32. GigRove – designed to act as a ‘webstore’ for freelancers and entrepreneurs, GigRove helps you start selling your professional products and services in just five minutes – just select a custom domain name, and you’re good to go!
  33. Gigster 2.0 – Gigster 2.0 is an invite-only network consisting of only a select few of  world-class developers, designers, and product managers.
  34. WeWorkRemotely – With over 2.5M monthly visitors, WeWorkRemotely has the largest community with a vast list of remote jobs such as sales and marketing, programming, and customer support jobs.
  35. Gun.io – Gun.io is a job marketplace seeking full-time freelancers skilled in software development of all kinds such as Full-stack developers, front-end developers, back-end developers, DevOps, UI/UX professionals, designers, project managers, etc.
  36. Guru – By connecting quality employers and freelancers, Guru makes it easier for you to work flexibly and securely while finding jobs related to programming, design, writing, sales, and more.
  37. JobMote – At JobMote, you would be able to gain access to thousands of different remote jobs posted in their website as well as a collection of remote job opportunities from some of the best career sites across the internet.
  38. Remotive – Consisting of jobs related to Education, Engineering, HR, Marketing, Product, Sales, and Support, Remotive provides a simple UI where you can subscribe and receive weekly job updates.
  39. Jobspresso – Jobspresso provides expertly picked remote jobs in technology, customer support, and marketing for you to choose from at little to almost no efforts.
  40. Let’sWorkRemotely – Created to provide candidates real remote job opportunities and connect with potential clients, Let’sWorkRemotely provides remote jobs of Design, Development, Marketing, HR, Product, Sales, and Support Jobs.
  41. NoDesk – NoDesk provides not just a list of job opportunities, but also some articles, books, gears, etc. that would help you during your freelancing journey. It also has a community for freelancers where you can connect with like-minded people that work remotely through group chats and forums.
  42. NoFluffJobs – NoFluffJobs finds that a straightforward and transparent job site is an effective way of connecting the best freelancers and clients around. They provide easy to read, standardized, and simple job advertisements related to IT and software.
  43. Outsourcely – Consisting of a large community of over 300,000 competent and reliable workers, Outsourcely provides a work database around 180+ countries, with offers for long-term employment and stability.
  44. PowerToFly – It is a site focused mainly on providing job opportunities for women having the edge in technology and would like to work-from-anywhere.
  45. Remote.co – Remote.co provides jobs for developers, customer service representatives, recruiters, designer, or sales professionals who would like to experience working from home. Pick from their hand-curated list of best remote job opportunities in the most recruited job roles/functions.
  46. Remote.com – Remote.com uses an AI to provide you the perfect job matches relevant to your skillset, connecting you to outstanding and most innovative companies around the world.
  47. Remotees – Another site that collects work-from-home jobs hirings and continuously monitors it, Remotees helps you to easily scan for jobs, without having to access different sites simultaneously.
  48. Remote Global – Remote Global offers remote jobs that are open to worldwide applicants (unless stated otherwise). You can also pick a job specific to a location by choosing it from the drop-down menu.
  49. Remote List – Remote List provides a simple and straightforward UI for work-at-home job seekers who would like to work and be part of a team that deals with software development, system administration, web development, software engineering and the like.
  50. RemoteOK – providing the largest collection of remote jobs for digital nomads with a niche in programming and software, RemoteOK offers you 30,000+ jobs to choose from such as Software Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Full Stack Developer, Front End Developer, Web Developer and the like.
  51. Remoters – Remoters provides job opportunities from all areas and industries, choose jobs from fields such as  software development, marketing, customer support, design, business, and more!
  52. RemoteWorkHub – At $9 a month, you’d be able to gain access to all remote jobs, be part of their private community, gain member discounts, and more. RemoteWorkHub provides job opportunities for freelancers and is updated daily.
  53. Remotus – Remotus provides full-time offers for developers who would like to work whenever, wherever. They aim to post full time offers to make sure remote workers fully commit and be part of one of their innovative partners.
  54. SimplyHired – SimplyHired ensures you’d be able to find a great job that you would love to work on every day. You can pick between Full-time, Part-time, Contract, Commision, Temporary, and Internship jobs on over 20,000+ work from home jobs available through their database.
  55. SkipTheDrive – With over 30+ job categories to choose from, SkipTheDrive simplifies the process of looking for remote or work-from-home jobs. They have precise filtering to display the best jobs for you – whether it’s remote, telecommuting, online, or work-from-home opportunities.
  56. Speedlancer – Speedlancer currently provides jobs related to Design, Development, Marketing Writing, and Data Entry / Research. Providing the best service for both clients and freelancers, you’d be sure that you are in good hands when looking for work on their platform.
  57. Envato Studio – In home for over 3,000 unique skills by designers, developers, and creatives, Envato Studio continues to open its doors to new freelancers who have world-class skill sets to offer to the market.
  58. HubstaffTalent.- HubstaffTalent provides hundreds of the best remote jobs for freelancers focused on software design and development, sales, writing, and consulting. They stand as one of the best in time management and work tracking of remote teams.
  59. TheMuse – Providing all types of remote jobs, TheMuse aids in bringing freelancers career success that they would love while being part of innovative companies.
  60. Twine – A job platform for creative professionals, Twine provides jobs such as logo creation, music/video creation as well as web development.

As aforementioned, it can be difficult to start and build your experiences at first, but it shouldn’t stop you from starting right now. There are hundreds of freelance job search websites out there in search of your skills and talent. There are even sites that provide some tools and tips for you to develop your skills or draft a good portfolio.

It’s not a big factor to be part of the popular websites – there will always be clients scattered around the internet who are willing to provide a high rate and whom you would enjoy working with. Just have that portfolio going, and you’ll be able to start your freelancing career in no time!

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