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How to deal with a horrible boss? We have you covered.

There is a substantial amount of people working in the corporate world. Perhaps one thing all employees face and are anxious about is that they have no chance to choose their boss. And yet, they need to get along with them throughout the duration of their employment. A boss or manager is a person that supervises employees when it comes to working. 

Sadly, there may be times when employees and their respective supervisors clash when it comes to their differences in personalities. Some supervisors have a short temper, some employees can’t accept confrontations. Eventually, there will come a time when both parties end up hating each other. 

I also work in a corporate world and yes, I\ hate some of my bosses. So what can we do about it? Just keep our pride? Should we confront them? Or should we just leave our job? 

Many employees prefer to leave their job. But for people that have only one base income, it is really hard to leave and find a new one. If you’re choosing to leave, and sick with working for a boss, maybe the right thing for you is to start a small business. You could also learn how to create a blog and become a freelancer. This might help you to start up a new and maybe even better career again.

Now, let’s identify why we hate our bosses. Most often than not, people usually have a reason on why they dislike a person. Bosses might be treating their employees in a rude or annoying manner. Some might be demanding or outright abusive of their state of power. 

Employees can list different characteristics of why they don’t like their boss. But what characteristics are the worst to have for a boss?

Characteristics That Makes a Displeasing Boss

Bosses have various personalities. Some may like to joke around, some may be lenient and serious. Others could be friendly, while others prefer a professional workplace. However, bad bosses have common characteristics.

These are some of the characteristics that they have in common. So if you recognize one, then you may say that your boss has to work out his/her behavior.

Careless to the employees

It is so easy to determine if your boss cares for her/his employees. One way to see it is he takes time to know and get along with the team members.

However, there is still a boss that doesn’t care at all. It doesn’t matter if you’re sick, you still need to continue doing your job.

This will drive the employee to hate his boss, as it would feel like the employees are being treated as machines and not human.

Frequent absence

Supervisors don’t require to be present all the time. However, we all know that communication is important. Frequent absence of your boss feels like there is no boss at all. 

The thing is, it is so hard to come up with a decision when your boss is not around. Who’s there to manage the work and employees? When a problem shows up, it is your boss’s job to decide what the best solution is.

Having a boss that is frequently not around not only is a hassle to the employees in times of need, it also jeopardizes the company.


A boss or manager that is so excessive in controlling every action of his employees. Micromanager will not just give a task and deadlines but he/she will also closely analyze and criticize your every action. This is terrible for the relationship between the manager and employees. The manager should have a trust to the employee that with his/her skill, the job will be finish on time and well done.


Negative thinking has a lot of disadvantages. If you are with someone who is always pessimistic, this can affect your mood and energy. If you have a boss having this trait then you might need to minimize your contact with her/him so that you won’t be so affected by your boss.

Poor communicator

A good manager is also a good communicator. A good communicator can tell information in a calm and clear manner, enabling the employees to understand it very well.

Moreover, a good communicator is also a good listener to his/her members. When you open up about a work-related concern, and you feel that your boss does not understand or even try to understand what you’re saying, it’s a sign that your boss is not a good communicator.


The unrealistic boss could be so frustrating. Setting goals that can is not achievable makes employees crazy. This may lead to stress and anxiety within the team. This type of boss is demanding in such a way that give so much pressure on the members of the team. 

Having unrealistic goals is not good for the working environment.

Steps You Can Take When You Hate Your Boss

These are some of the things you can do if you hate your boss. Remember to always be respectful when confronting them, especially when they’re powerful enough to drop you on the spot.

Confront your boss

If you are going to confront your boss, you should be straightforward on your concern. However, don’t push the blame on him/her, instead just be calm and explain what is bothering you.

You can offer a countermeasure if you have an idea to solve the problem. After all, good communication is the best way to solve any problem.

Remember your position

It is always important to remember your position. At the end of the day, he/she is still your boss. You may not want to risk losing your job in just one conversation. Just say your feelings and don’t demand improvement in their behavior because they may see this offensive.

Be respectful

Whatever the situation is, it is important to get yourself together and have good manners. Don’t ever disrespect your boss because who knows, your path may cross again. Disrespect your boss may cause you a big one, you might lose your job.

How to stop hating your boss

Stop hating a person that you hate is likely unachievable. You won’t pick someone if you hate or love them, you just feel it. But, you can try not to hate your boss.

Your boss is just human like you are. If you are handling so much pressure and stress as a member of a team, then how much more being a leader of a team? 

Whenever you’re in a situation where you feel like you’re hating your boss, just think that maybe he is under pressure or stress at work. After all, being a boss carries many responsibilities. 

How to deal with a horrible boss

Trying to cope with your horrible boss will slightly help and make you prolong your stay within the company for just a little bit longer. The following are the ways to manage your horrible boss.

Adjust your perspective

Normally, we don’t think the perspective of the other people around us. But try to put yourself in the position of your boss. You might understand their situation and decision they make.

Reset your relationship

It is hard to reset a relationship but this might be the answer so you can stop hating your boss. Your boss might do something to you that may lead to misunderstanding and forgetting all that is a little bit hard. But if you are considering this option, you can bring some food when there is an occasion that needs to be celebrated.

This is a good start for you to reset the relationship with your boss. Your boss might also notice that you are trying to have a good relationship with him/her.

Keep silent

In some situations, it is better to keep quiet while in the workplace. For example, there is a problem with your client and you know that you can solve it on your own. You can keep quiet about it and figure out all by yourself. If you know your boss will just comment on a negative statement, this might give you a much bigger problem for your work.

Start avoiding your boss

If your team has a big number of members and you do not work closely along with your boss, you can consider avoiding him instead It is better for you to keep a distance if you hate someone.

Excel at your job

A boss has the responsibility to provide feedback on his/her employees regarding their performance. He may have given you a stern warning when it comes to your performance, which could be a reason for your dislike.

Excelling at your job can be an act of sweet revenge for your boss. Doing so may change the perception of your boss about your performance. This, however, needs extra effort.

Give yourself a reward

This is a good tactic for you to motivate yourself. If you create something that makes you look forward every day, it will inspire to finish your work. For example, having milk tea after you finish all your work.

Ask for advice or tips to your boss

As I said, the problem might be your performance. So, it will be helpful if you ask for advice or tips directly to your boss to improve your performance.

Advice and tips from your boss may surprise you on how much it helps your work. It is also important that you take the first move, don’t wait for our boss to initiate and guide you because you may see things differently.

Give your boss some time

At work, some people want to keep their personal by themselves. Maybe, your boss is in a personal situation where too much to handle.

Maybe your boss lost someone important to her/him. Maybe, your boss got a severe illness. He/she might be in a bad situation which reflects on the team. That’s why, you should consider giving him/her enough time to cool down and maybe sooner, things will get better.

Clues that your boss wants you to quit

Many bosses don’t have the power to fire you just because of legal reasons. Since he/she does not have power, your boss is using an alternative method to get off you at work. Some bosses would even behave harshly to his/her employees to force them to quit.

As they focus more on managing people, supervisors are also tasked when it comes to dividing the workload. Your boss can give you more workload without increasing the salary. Or the opposite, your boss can take all your workload that will result in feeling that he/she doesn’t appreciate you as an asset of the team. 

This may keep you thinking to find a new job. Either job that has a less workload or enough workload with a good salary and a job that makes you more powerful and valuable.

Determining if you have to quit your job

Quitting a job has many aspects to consider. Is it ok for you to not have income for a few months? Is there a new job waiting for you? Is that new job is way better or just toxic as your current job? The final decision is yours but you have to be careful because you might regret if you quit without considering the situation.

Improving your relationship with your boss is not easy but fortunately, there are several ways to help you to handle your horrible boss. Just follow the tips in this article and it will help you get through the roadblock.

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