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Reaching your legendary level at work requires a lot of energy and inspiration. While others can easily focus on the task at hand, some have difficulty in achieving this state. And if you’re reading this, chances are you’re finding it impossible to stay inspired for work and everyday life. You’re not alone. In fact, most people go through this, too. Lucky you, we’ve listed some tips and tricks on how to easily get motivated.

Set Up Goals Digitally

In today’s digital age, there are tons of applications that you can use to track commitments. Some of these include Stridesapp, GoalsOnTrack or Beeminder. These are helpful at making you accountable.

Create a To-Do List

Aside from setting up goals digitally, pick up a pen and start writing your to-do list for the day. Then, tick these off one by one as you finish them. According to CareeRealism, ticking items off your list gives you the extra motivation to complete all of them.

Create Small, Bite-Sized Goals

Having goals is great but break these down into bite-size so you can see the progress as you complete them. Doing so will provide you a sense of accomplishment every time you complete smaller goals.

Set Up A Reward System For Yourself

Start getting motivated by giving yourself a reward for every goal you’ve accomplished. Take, for example, you love eating donuts, you could eat a few as soon as you complete a task.

Consider The “Why?”

Ask yourself why you’re doing the task you’re doing right now. By going back to your “why”, you get a boost of energy to get things done.

Take Breaks

Take some time during the day to walk away from your desk and have a break. You can go outside for a stroll or refill your water container. Whatever it may be, by the time you get back to your desk, you’re feeling more refreshed and energized.

Ask For Feedback

Be it positive or negative feedback, it can motivate you to complete your task. Positive feedbacks boost your ego and help you finish your work. On the other hand, constructive criticism can push you to do better.

Set a Quit Time

Recognize when you should call it a day. It’s not healthy to work 24 hours. Give yourself some downtime and you’ll feel more productive and refreshed than ever. Plus, by thinking that you have to stop working by 5:00 PM, you push yourself to complete the task at hand.

Use The Power Of Positive Words

Get a post-it and write down inspirational quotes and positive words like “you’ve got this!” and stick it somewhere that’s visible to you.

Don’t Focus On The Things You Can’t Control

Avoid spending time focusing on things that you cannot control. In order to stay motivated, omit these uncontrollable. You’ll have lesser things to worry about and you’ll have more energy to think of the things that you have the power to excel in.

Just Do It

When you’re faced with a task when you’re not feeling motivated, telling yourself to “just do it” will boost your motivation. And in no time, you’ll find that you have already finished all of your work for the day.

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